Chakra Temple is Certified from the Berkeley Psychic Institute.

I've  been giving readings to my family members since I was 6 years old & at that time I would get a glimpse of the future, or feel a feeling someone around me was about to experience. Most likely when something "standing out" was about to take place in their life. Everyone that I knew was aware & amazed by my natural ability. As I got older I grew very intrigued & passionate about my ability & wanted to share it with people, To be able to tell others what to look forward to & what to avoid.

Chakra Temple was born with this intuitive psychic ability, to read people's inner energy & spiritual vibration, and I have attended and completed Berkley Psychic Institute to enhance my ability to the fullest.

With over 20 years experience in helping people from all over get real answers & spiritual guidance they are deeply looking for.

Love & relationships
Marriage & children
Family & friends
Business & career
Personal & spiritual character
Health & more
Also answers any additional questions you may have.  

If you looking for answers, guidance & help, look no further, Chakra Temple can help you.