"Chakra Healing Crystal Light Bed is an intense chakra healing therapy"

The balance it gives to an individual is one of the strongest and recommended therapy's  for chakra healing, with the most successful results

Experience the healing power of a Quartz crystal light bed. 
Revitalize your mind, body & soul with these spiritually-charged chakra balancing crystals.

Seven hand-carved quartz crystals, all cut from one piece of quartz, are suspended from a stand above a massage table. 

The crystals radiate coloured light through the use of lasers. The patterned pulse balance the body and chakras as well as clearing and balancing the aura.  

In Brazil and around the world, the crystal bed is known as a powerful treatment that has an inter-dimensional effect as the vibrational patterns manifest higher and higher levels of peace,focus, awareness, harmony, & balance. 


There are 7 chakras in the human body, each vibrating at a different frequency. Energy flows through the chakras from one part of the body to another. If your chakras are blocked, your energy can become stuck. Each chakra corresponds to a color and internal organ or body part. They are numbered from the bottom up; the "first" chakra is the lowest one, and the base of your spine.


The Crystal Bed uses 7 quartz crystals and coloured laser light to clean and strengthen your chakras. 


People have reported the following from a Crystal bed treatment:

  • deep relaxation
  • calming your mind and thoughts
  • subtle energy shifts
  • increased energy
  • elevation of mood
  • pain reduction
  • feeling of expansion of emotional and physical restrictions
  • release of negative emotions
  • deepened spiritual insights
  • better sleep
  • reduced anxiety 

First Chakra – Base, Root

Red – Energy. It stimulates brain wave activity, increases circulation, awakens us physically and energizes blood flow. It connects us to our physical self.

Second Chakra – Sacral

Orange – Joy. Stimulates appetite, the colon, digestion, and physical relationships. It connects us to our emotional self.

Third Chakra – Solar Plexus

Yellow – Wisdom. Connects us to will and personal power. Improves mood, relieves depressions and helps in digestion. It connects us to our mental self.

Fourth Chakra – Heart

Green – Calming. Balances our nervous system, soothes and relaxes mental & physical states, and emotional relationships. It connects us to love.

Fifth Chakra – Throat

Blue – Cooling. Good for respiratory and throat infections. Counteracts hypertension. Tied to communication and speaking your truth. It connects us to holistic self.

Sixth Chakra – Brow Or Third Eye

Indigo – Healing. Connected to foresight and intuition. Good for sinus problems and building immunity. It connects us to our unconscious self. 

Seventh Chakra – Crown

Violet – Cleansing. It cleanses, strengthens, purifies and awakens the body. It connects us to our spiritual self.